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    Mission& Vision

    HITE is committed to be a leader of Industry 4.0 overall solution services by providing industry users with the most competitive intelligent manufacturing products and solutions, and continuously to create the maximum value for customers!

    Mission& Vision

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        Efforts of both Hite and its staff make the development of Hite. To comprehensively improve the Hite staff skills and occupation accomplishment to provide sustained strong service capability for organization development, Hite has made series new policies on training developments management, new employee tutors management, teaching and course developing management. Learning is a life style of Hite staff. Hite training forms are as follows:

        Internal training: training by interior lecturer and special training by haired external lecturer.

        External training: sending employees to external training.

        Hite training types:

        New employee training: training aiming at giving fast knowing of company and working environment, removing hesitates, blending into Hite culture, adapting to the environment and entering the role.

        Products technical training: training aiming at meeting the requirements of getting product information, product selling points, industrial control knowledge, starting the business and position requirements.

        Sale management training: training aiming at improving the skills of sales skill, customer management, sales process, project sales.

         Career development training: training aiming at making employees meeting the requirements of position and company development, position development and career plan of the employees.

        Effectively carried out of Hite training and developing are based on the effective leadership and executing team. We lock the position of the training development. Under the unified deployment of the human resources strategy, organizational capacity is continuously improved at training level. Requirements for talented person are met. Push the establishment and continuous improvement of organizational capacity, establish core ability of the company, and continuously meet the dynamitic requirements for talented person, combine reserve of talents and echelon of talents, dig the deep value of human resources, improve the degree of satisfaction and work efficiency, build common target of company and employees, consolidate the base of long-term, continuous and common development, realize the common development of company and employees, propose communicating, comprehensive and learning culture atmosphere inside the company.