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    HITE  has invested a lot in constructing high-power electronic R&D platform and the software and hardware R&D platform for intelligent manufacturing, developed a series of quality high-power electronic.


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    High-power Electronics

    Publish Date:2019-10-25

    HITE has an excellent specialist team with rich experience in high-power electronic products development, over 80% developers of which are with Master Diplomas or PhD Diplomas. The company insists on tracing the development of international high-power electronic technologies and independent R&D and endless innovation. HITE has successively launched  a series of wind turbine converters ranging from 0.75 MW to 8.0 MW, variable propeller system and main control system for wind turbine, and photo-voltaic inverter for renewable resources; HDM series of energy feedback energy saving devices, intellectual auto-controlled hoisting devices, e-RTG diesel power changed to electric power systems, and e-RTG power feedback energy saving system for port equipment and energy saving field; “Key Technology Research on High-power Wind Power Generation and LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through)” by HITE Renewable Energy was included in National Torch Program Projects of 2015. The program of “developing 5.5MW liquid cooling doubly-fed wind power converter” was listed as Shanghai’s special program for developing major technology and equipment. IGBT Module Drive Circuit Applicable to High-power Inverter won “China Patent Excellence Award”.