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    HITE adheres to the principle of “creating the maximum value for customers” and is determined to become the leader in the field of new energy and a provider of overall solutions for information interactive system, industrial control network,

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    Big Events

    Publish Date:2019-10-24

    In March 15, 1994 Shanghai Hi-tech Control System Co., Ltd. was established;

    In 1995 awarded as the Shanghai high-tech enterprise ;

    In 1996 set up Hangzhou and Nanjing branches;

    In 2000 completed the shareholding system reform, through the ISO9001 quality system certification;

    In 2001 the establishment of the technical center, increase R & D and industrialization investment," HT2000 Internet remote monitoring software V1.0 version" by the Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project 100 beautiful award;

    In 2002 in Fuzhou, Ji'nan, Chengdu and Wuhan, set up branch offices, the development of the national sales service network;

    In 2003 innovation fund project" synchronized accurate positioning general handling machinery intelligent anti-sway control system" by the Ministry of science and technology, strict evaluation is passed smoothly check and accept;

    In 2003" intelligent network direct water supply device" was awarded the National Invention Exhibition Gold Award," intelligent constant pressure water supply remote control device" was awarded the National Invention Exhibition silver;

    In 2004 held industrial automation forum & company 10 anniversaries celebration;

    in 2004 ranked first electrical era" China Electrical Industry hundred enterprises;

    In 2006 the company by two main business direction and the four major business segments recombine, advance group under the structure of matrix type manages mode to build and run;

    In 2007 cooperating with France SONEPAR Group, HITE has established a joint venture--Hi-tech Electrical Science & Technology Co., Ltd., being committed to the field of industrial products distribution business and the rapid development of;

    In 2007, HITE was awarded the "private technology enterprises in Shanghai 100 strong" and" Shanghai city" small giant company" China Electrical industrial innovation force 10 strong" honorary title;

    In 2007 November, listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, the company landed in China capital market;

    At the beginning of 2008 JDE officially launched operation management information system, information management to a new level;

    The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, company and employee donations to support earthquake relief;

    In 2009 Zhejiang Hi-tech Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. was established, high performance wind turbine converter passed technical appraisal;

    In 2009, HITE construction Pujiang development head office and Tongxiang industrial base;

    In 2010 the establishment of Tongxiang logistics center;

    2010 HITE was awarded the title of Shanghai famous trademark.

    In 2014 held industrial automation forum & company 20 anniversaries celebration。

    In 2015, State Key New Product: 1.5MW Double-fed Wind Power Converter.

    China Patent Excellence Award: An IGBT Module Drive Circuit Applicable to High-power Inverter.